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What Works 4 You

About the project

What Works 4 You provides financial capability support through drop-in sessions.

Funded by Money Advice Service (MAS), it is one of 62 projects seeking to try new approaches to old problems. Benefit problems, debts and a lack of knowledge regarding financial services and products directly cause homelessness.

Conversely, enabling people to have confidence in their budgeting/financial products coupled with manageable debts prevents tenancies from ending and eviction notices being issued.

We know that some client groups struggle to engage with traditional advice services, for a variety of reasons. Two such groups we are working with over the next 12 months are offenders/ex offenders and young people aged 16 - 25.

The project has two components:


1. Two day a week dedicated drop in and support for offenders/ex offenders and Two day a week drop in and support for young people.
2. An external evaluation to better understand what impact the project had.


A dedicated benefit & debt specialist will provide bespoke support and assistance to each client group.

If you would like to find out more about our drop-in sessions, please contact us.


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