homeless adults "concealed" within households in England.

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Exeter City Council led a successful collaborative bid with 3 other District Councils to the Department for Communities and Local Government ‘Trailblazers’ fund. The fund is for local authorities to trial new initiatives, responding to the specific needs in their communities and focusing on prevention at an earlier stage.

Following a competitive tender, CHA and our partner Julian House were awarded a 2 year contract to deliver a ‘homeless prevention champion’ service. The service has 3 main aims:


1. Identify & promote homeless ‘champions’ and innovative approaches to homeless prevention
2. Provide support, training and assistance to any agency supporting homeless prevention
3. Oversee a ‘prevention pot’ (£) which will offer ‘per outcome’ funding to agencies preventing homelessness.


To achieve this, we have employed a worker for 16 hours a week, and will be rolling out a new website (and social media channels) to provide agencies with a dedicated space to promote their ideas, celebrate prevention champions in our communities and also to host the ‘prevention pot’.

The project will cover Exeter, Mid Devon, East Devon and Teignbridge.

More than ever, we need to empower and enable volunteers, staff and agencies to find ways to reduce and prevent homelessness, especially given the ethical, societal and economical consequences of not doing so.

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