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young people in the UK have sofa-surfed in the past year.


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Nightstop Devon

About the project

Nightstop provides same day emergency overnight accommodation for young homeless people, between the ages of 16-25, in the homes of volunteer hosts who have been trained and vetted.

Young people are referred to Nightstop by agencies and are risk assessed before being placed with a suitable host. Nightstop then works with the young person and other agencies to find them longer term accommodation. 

Nightstop Devon featured in the Channel 4 documentary 'Would you take in a Stranger?' in 2017. See the trailer below.


The Nightstop Devon project covers Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon, North Devon and Teignbridge. There are 30 Nightstop projects throughout the UK,as well as, Nightstop projects setting up aboard. We are affiliated to DePaul Nightstop UK. and met their Quality Standards in 2017. 

Ben’s story with Nightstop Devon

Ben, 21, became homeless when he was told to leave his mother’s home after alcohol misuse.

Ben was signposted to Nightstop Devon when he was made homeless, and whilst with us he stayed with various hosts in and around Exeter. Young people don’t drink or abuse substances whilst staying with a host, and it was then that Ben realised the extent of his drinking.

The Nightstop team helped Ben with several issues during his time with us, including applying for benefits and contacting court services.

After 4 weeks of staying at different hosts homes, Ben was struggling to find a settled place to live. He started drinking again, which led to him applying to the Amber Project with support from a Community Housing Aid probation housing support worker. The Amber Project is a dry house for alcohol and substance misuse.

Since living in the Amber Project there has been a positive change in Ben, and is now aiming to attend university.

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