Merger with Julian House

In recent years, we have seen the impact of austerity on the voluntary sector and society as a whole. Small charities in particular are finding it difficult to sustain their activity and collaborative working has never been so important. Working in partnership with others has been at the heart of many of CHA’s successes so the prospect of a merger was, in some ways, a natural progression. Crucially, our close partners at Julian House recognise the expertise and local knowledge within CHA, and so the merger will not disrupt or threaten existing projects and staffing.

Undertaking a merger is a significant step for any charity, and for CHA it is clearly a huge decision. As a charity, our autonomy and independence has been a vital aspect of our approach; ensuring that the client & their needs is always paramount. In Julian House we have a partner who shares that conviction, which will hopefully help the transition to be a seamless one.

We will be announcing details of an event to both celebrate the organisations coming together and to bid CHA a very fond ‘farewell’. So many people, agencies, Councils and charitable trusts have been part of CHA’s success and we hope that they will all support this next step in helping all of us make homelessness history.

A joint statement by the CEO of Julian House Peter Denning and CHA’s Director Stuart Hooper can be found here.

Stuart Hooper