Nightstop Awareness Day

On a December's day in 2017, a crowd has formed with mobile phones primed to film young people in sleeping bags on a cold Exeter City Centre pavement. It is not what you think; these mobile phones, expertly held by parents and onlookers, are ready to capture a flash dance by Urban Flow Street Dance to kick off an awareness day for Nightstop Devon.  Check it out below: 

Young Person's Coordinator, Laura Champion, spoke passionately about how being homeless affects young people and what Nightstop Devon can do to help. There has been a 20% increase of bednights since 2016 with 1,236 referrals made. Watch Laura speak below:

Our wonderful volunteers Shane and Matthew, who run Widsith and Deor Theatre Company, performed their version of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys with their amazing cast: Midge Mullin as Captain Hook; Sadie Shrub as Tiger Lily; Jack Tree as the Dragon; and Kimwei McCarthy, who provided an absolutely brilliant soundtrack of superlative live music, ending with a great version of Pink's 'What About Us?'.  Naomi Perfect gave fantastic production support. Watch the three video clips at the bottom of the page to see the performance.

 We were delighted to raise £353.72 with the help of our brilliant volunteers who shook buckets to the crowd and Lyddi from Little Wing Treats who donated very tasty cakes (I bought three!). 

A huge thanks to all those involved and we look forward to the next one!