The foundations for longer term, sustainable, positive change.

6 to12

months after our intervention, we ask clients about the impact of our work.

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Our expansion reflects the need

Since 1990, Community Housing Aid has continued to develop services in response to unmet need, inequality and/or disadvantaged client groups. Our commitment to suitable, sustainable, secure and affordable housing has been increasingly challenging, largely due to changes in legislation, reducing local authority budgets and a shortage of affordable housing.

These pressures have required CHA to become increasingly responsive and creative; in how projects are delivered, funded and measured.

We expect all of our project activities to have a significant impact i.e. a person’s situation or circumstances should be demonstrably improved in the short term, with the foundations in place for longer term, sustainable, positive change. We measure our impact in a number of ways:


1. By commissioning external evaluations from partners such as SERIO (University of Plymouth) and The National Institute for Health Research
2. By contributing to national research (we are currently part of a 2 year study with Kings College London)
3. By measuring the (positive)‘change’ we have helped create; be it social, economic or psychological
4. By asking our beneficiaries what impact our interventions have had, both in the short term, but also 6/12 months later.


In 2016/17, we supported XXXX people in Devon to access or retain accommodation, resolve debts which were threatening their housing or by providing emergency accommodation via our volunteer hosts (Nightstop Devon).

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What Works 4 You

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