Suitable, secure and affordable housing is a fundamental human right.


The year we became a registered charity. 

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Our History

Community Housing Aid started off in 1990 as a voluntary advice service offering housing advice to people facing homelessness in Exeter. Initially it was run by volunteers operating from Exeter Community Centre.

In June 1998 it became a registered charity known as Exeter Homeless Action Group and in September 1998 also became a limited company. In 2008 after consultation with stakeholders, the name was changed to Community Housing Aid to reflect the wider scope and area of the Charity’s work.

CHA has provided a wide range of projects and services; all tailored to furthering our charitable aims. These projects have included:


●      A County-wide deposit bond scheme (Smartmove)

●      A housing advice service

●      Resettlement of offenders

●      Mental health resettlement

●      A court advice desk (CASS Desk)


Our current services (2018) include Nightstop Devon, Bay6What Works 4 You and Trailblazers (homeless prevention), which cater for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Our Mission

Our charitable aims: To relieve the poverty, sickness and distress amongst persons within Devon & neighbouring counties

Our vision: CHA believes that suitable, sustainable, secure and affordable housing is a fundamental human right. We exist to support & assist people to access or remain in such accommodation, and to identify and remove barriers which prevent this.

Our values:


1. There will always be barriers to suitable, sustainable, secure and affordable housing. CHA will seek to identify, remove or overcome these barriers; be they legal, economic, structural or environmental.
2. All of our activities should be ‘client centred’ and solely focussed on meeting their needs; incorporating choice, involvement and empowerment.

Our Projects

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Nightstop Devon

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What Works 4 You

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Trailblazers Devon

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